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Male nightingales spend the winter practising
Malaysia still discriminates against women over citizenship
How to police political advertising
UniCredit promises cash for shareholders—and no takeovers
Instant tariffication—Trump hits Brazil and Argentina
Dora Maar, an overlooked star of surrealism
Britain is kicking its addiction to fossil fuels
Job-listing: Digital designer
“The very purpose of NATO is being questioned”—organisation leaders meet in London
Gender identity is hard but jumping to medical solutions is worse
After two decades of PISA tests, why haven’t scores risen more?
Political drama has gripped the home state of Bollywood
A growing number of Japanese have become recluses
It’s the end of the World Trade Organisation as we know it
Stock take
The prime minister of Malta says he will quit—eventually
Forget “A Christmas Carol”—“The Dead” is the greatest Christmas story
“To what extent can you, and how do you, rehabilitate a terrorist?”—unpicking Britain's justice system
Bukom boxers draw on a long fighting tradition
Supplying clean power is easier than storing it
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