Allan Roberts, Stephanie Edwards, Steve Cornelius, Patricia White, Ric Baxter, Randi Svensen, Andrew Taubman


For easier War and Peace reading (C8), Allan Roberts of Marrickville "prefers the Readers Digest abridged version: 'A Russian called Peter tried to kill the Tsar but missed'. Excuse my failure to acknowledge sources but I can't recall the London pub I heard it in, sometime around 1987."

Inspired by Richard Frazer (C8), Steve Cornelius of Brookvale pledges to resume reading Xavier Herbert’s 1463-page tome Poor Fellow My Country, which he first began reading the day after sailing out of Sydney bound for Italy on the Galileo Galilei on 19 March, 1976. While never one to discourage reading, Granny thinks that perhaps Steve could use some of that time to instead write his own book about this particular voyage. "It was a six-week voyage which featured three epidemics, a diversion to pick up a seriously ill seaman from a merchant ship, an on-board riot near Acapulco (broken up by the use of knotted ropes and fire hoses) and the arrest of several passengers by Mexican police." It may not be the road to Las Vegas and there are no bats, but there is some Gonzo level crazy going on here.

Randi Svensen of Wyong dismisses all the fuss about War and Peace (C8) as "a storm in a samovar". "On finishing it, after five months, the lesson I’d learnt was that life was too short to read books just because you feel you should." Pretty much sums up Granny's own feelings about Proust's Remembrance of Times Past (or In Search of Lost Time, depending on the translation). Or, as Andrew Taubman of Queens Park dubs it, "the Everest to the K2 of War and Peace."

The baboon escapades near RPA hospital led Stephanie Edwards of Roseville to surmise that "the unfortunate male baboon clearly didn't have private health insurance. If he had, his operation would have been scheduled for the specialist care at Taronga Zoo rather than a public hospital."

Patricia White of Casino is pleased to announce that she celebrates her 21st birthday on Saturday (C8). "I will then share the same age as my granddaughter."

Some years ago a young lady I know, born on 29th February (C8), was taken to the pub on the 28th for her 18th birthday, but was refused entry," says Ric Baxter of Umina Beach. "The manager was called and when apprised of the situation said to the bouncer: 'Get a life, mate. Let her in!'"

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